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    Vx cruiser HO vs FX HO

    Which is a better all around ski, the vx Ho or FX HO? First time ski purchase, looking for as much versatility as possible without it being a slow 💩.

    Considering the FX is a larger ski with the same engine, its 71lbs heavier and 9” longer how much slower will it be? I know the fx is a new haul and im sure its more stable.

    The FX is $2000 more... is it worth it? Im steering clear of the SVHO mainly because i dont think i need a $20k a ski for a first ski... thoughts?

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    The other reason against the svho is the possibility of reduced reliability. I know they claim supercharger problems are fixed but with it being a 2019 my feeling is they really dont know if its truly fixed yet

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    Is the Fx worth $2k more than a Vx HO? No, not in my opinion... Is it a better all around ski? Yes, I believe it is. The larger hull and increased storage volume do make a difference. If the cost of one verse the other is not a primary concern, get the Fx. That being said, the engine is what you're really after. Since both have the 1.8, you'll have a blast with either!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dgiglio3087 View Post
    The other reason against the svho is the possibility of reduced reliability.

    I know they claim supercharger problems are fixed but with it being a 2019 my feeling is they really dont know if its truly fixed yet
    The SVHO supercharger has received incremental upgrades in the last few years. But even the ‘older’ superchargers from well before 2018 are generally reliable. The basic SVHO engine configuration has been around for a long time.

    I have 140 hours on two 2017 SVHO GP1800. Only thing done was to pin the volute housing, which is not needed as of the 2018 model year. No issues otherwise, and we often ride in rough water.

    The clutch for the supercharger was revised a few years ago and has not changed since (as far as I know). We are still using the original clutches at 140 hours.

    Overall the SVHO supercharger is very good. Yes, having a supercharger means there are more moving parts and potentially will need service sometime in the future. The HO and SVHO versions of the engine are both very good. Selecting between them depends on your priorities.

    The additional acceleration possible with an extra 100+ hp is eye opening.
    Several people who have ridden my GP1800 remarked ‘How is that much power even legal?”

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    I went from a VX Deluxe, not the HO, to a new FX HO. I love the larger hull and more storage along with the improved ride and handling. I have no regrets with my choice.

    The larger, heavier hull with the same engine will cost you a few mph over the VX HO, but is well worth it to me. I love seeing the grin on my VX-riding friends faces when the try it! This is the largest, heaviest ski that I have ever owned and I was worried that the extra size/weight might be a problem. In the end, it's an advantage! The new FX hull handles like it is doesn't know it's that big! I'm very happy with my choice. I wanted to stay away from the SVHO because of the premium fuel requirement and possible supercharger issues. On a trip which requires refueling, that is a problem as the marinas I've seen don't sell premium. Also the normally aspirated engine just appear more reliable to me. But remember, when you want that extra speed, just because you do sometimes, it is there with the SVHO models! If it's worth it to you, fine. I decided it wasn't for me.

    Remember, you are the one who has to make the choice and live with it. Your preferences may be different from mine. I'm sure you will love whatever model you choose!

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    I just sold my VX Cruiser HO (2016) and now have a 2019 FX SVHO. The differences are massive. The FX is worth every penny over the VX IMO.

    The FX doesn’t know how big it is.
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    I am a 70+ yo. owner of a 2015 FXHO. It is my fourth ski and my second FXHO. I had a 2006 FXHO and even with 140 HP I thought that ski was plenty fast. The 2015 FXHO with 160 HP is SCARY fast (for me). I love the Yamaha skis because of their reputation for reliabiliy and the FXHO models are a nice choice because of their size and stability. Plus no supercharger means no high octane fuel. For a family ski with plenty of top speed (60 MPH+ on the dream-o-meter) and a stable ride, the Yamaha FXHO models can't be beat. My 2cts.

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    My first ski purchase was an FXHO and I love it. I ride in rough water most of the time and the ski handles the chop very well. It's got plenty of power and gets me around just fine.

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