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    Question about Departing Fiesta Key on Water craft...

    I will be staying there over the holidays this Christmas and new yrs.
    We will have two Brand new skis They also will need the 5 hr oil change after well 5 hrs which is going to be the first
    One Ski is the Ultra 310LX and the other is the Ultra 160LX

    I have purchased a couple Wet suits at 2/3 mm and 4/5mm full length and shortys also

    Ok Two skis and we slip at the resort Fiesta Key. we exit on Gulf side what laws do I need to pay attention to Im from Cocoa beach and Pensacola dn Ft Myers but never where I can be in Atlantic or gulf and reefs and all like there plus islands.

    I believe Florida still has day time running to 30 minutes prior to dark laws if in coastal waters 3 miles out you can do what ya want I think. I could be wrong on any number of things why I am posting and asking for seasoned help.

    I had thought about sticking along coast line and driving gulf side down to Key west or trailer down and launch from there ? Any thoughts It is 60 miles I would more than likely not have the range to make it all the way one way.

    How deep average is the waters or Had I better grab a depth finder?

    Also I read another of your threads and the mention of shallow reefs of rocks came into discussion and speed... any way to know are there depth charts that based on Tide activity you can gain and idea of where you can shred and where you need to be cautious or bam there it is and you fly and crash?

    Areas to avoid by law? how to make sure I am in compliance?

    I dont want the FDLE and water to nail I want to be a good Jet ski person and respectful I also dont think my girlfriend isnt going to want to run WOT I would but she keeps me sane well as much as possible...

    We wanted to enjoy two weeks of jets skis Keys Bad weather no problem we will drive and see land sights
    But on sunny warm days jump on skis and head out snorkel a reef or two have fun and explore different areas based on actual conditions.

    Ideas thoughts discussions Guides Warnings...and Thanks to all.

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    I have done google earth but I didnt search average depths I figured I would ask you folks.
    I see an access to the Atlantic side, if I wanna play or its calm for us both. its up from the resort Gulf side and then I would estimate about a mile up on the right.

    Should I just by a Garmin Marine navigation G&pd_rd_r=b164acb9-c3f2-405d-8ed9-a6e9789698ba&pd_rd_w=3L9Su&pd_rd_wg=f09L6&pf_rd_p= a6d018ad-f20b-46c9-8920-433972c7d9b7&pf_rd_r=2VFE6P19J2Y04W17JAJ3&qid=1575 512549

    Since I have the ultra 310LX it has the slot on handle bars.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MarkWhite View Post
    I suggest you consider something larger, more usable while riding at speed.

    Mine are certainly at the large end of the range for screen size on a PWC, but small screens are just too hard to use unless you slow right down every time you want to see any detail.

    Make sure you can get detailed marine charts for the device you choose, and can actually see important details without having to zoom in. The smaller the screen the less detail is visible without zooming in. And when zoomed in the screen does not show enough distance ahead.

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    Going to keep it real here . . . I’m a local native to Tampa Bay gulf coast, it can be very harsh/rough riding depending on the day of the week – so I'd not plan a trip on the water that would span multiple days. A mix of gulf swells and sudden wind-chop and you (or your girl friend) will from fun-to-zero real quick. FL winters (yup we have those down here) are windy seasons. The only time it calms for a day or two is between frontal boundaries. Next day it’s back 12-18 mph winds.

    Hugging the coast – yes, please do.
    Average depth – 12-20ft - not too deep but deep enough if you know what I mean.
    Chartplotter – always a good idea ! In GE sat view you could visibly mark all the rocks and shallows, then upload lat/lon to the plotter.
    Sunrise till sunset – is the only legal riding. 30 min grace period before and after is true, but there’s a catch. The avg ski does not have nav lights, so you could still be potentially sited for nav-aid violation.

    Key West – may not be able to legally/practically reach it if ski riding south along FL west coast (Ft. Myers). That’s because a huge and vast zone north of all the Keys is called back-country, and largely off-limits specifically to jet skis. Yeah, all those cool little spit islands and shallow areas perfect for a jet ski island-hoping – totally off-limits. There’s a huge thread on here with detailed info.
    Areas to avoid – much of our coastal zones are beaches, so expect many miles of shoreline swim buoys. Manatee and seagrass zones are clearly marked with pylon signs/markers. FFWCC (aka wildlife gov) is a good site to get all restricted areas (there are many).

    Plan on making it just a simple road-trip, aka trailing on down the coast with daily stops along the way, to go out and ride the ski. Weather (aka wind) will be the main governing factor this time of year. Have fun! And if Tampa Bay is one of your stops AND we got calm conditions that day, feel free to give me a shout.

    5 hrs oil-change – wow, so does Kawi actually use break-in oil that MUST get removed pronto huh?

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    Wow, yeah that’s a lot of questions . Looks like K447 & Timebandit have answer & gave great advice. We visited Key Largo, Islamorada & Key West this pass August. One thing I can share after staying out that way for a week is, quiet a few marina & places don’t like our Jetski Community when it comes to docking & attempting to get fuel. From talking to some locals while visiting, they told me very large groups from around neighboring cities come down and act like they own the place. Either way like I told the gentleman at the marina I was just visiting with a few friends very small group of 4 and just needed to get fuel and I would be on my way. Was crazy to see how fired up some of the places I attempted to get fuel from was running us off. Boats only most would tell us. All in all beautiful place, enjoyed Alligator Reef & Christ of the Abyss. But wow, their hard up on Jetskis. Please keep in mind we obey and respect all laws and waterways. Best of luck with your vacation. Oh and side note, I never heard of any PWC requiring 5 hr oil change for break in!

    Billy D

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    I help add an expansion at Hillsborogh waste to energy Plant...I lived near Ebor... I also lived in Naples and Cocoa beach for over 126 yrs and have driven my boats and jet skis ini those areas... Lately I had moved up to milton and rode the rivers Bay and gulf ocean there... Yes I understand the weather changes and winds and even winter there also...I do appreciate the information The primary question was from Fiesta Key south to Key west areas If they have bouys and markers and restrictive signage then I should be fine... Just wondering if there was a simply way to know
    Thanks for4 the info and If I get close to Tampa Ill hit ya up I just am not sure I will be up that high this trip.

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    Thats massive Like It may even be larger than My Garmin that I used on my boat... I not mind slowing down to check out some nav with a set up like yours I would be afraind to jump waves or torpedo under water...I cant go quite that large... if I wanted to get to the Bahamas at 55 plus yep that would be the I dont mind trolling down to get a bearing then hitting it again...its the shallows and reefs I wanna make sure I dont damage a reef and of course the bottom of my ski. thanks for the info though also... nice set up you have...

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    Yep I kinda thought that sucked too but dealer said mandatory oil change after 5 hours Use, I was thinking it would be cheaper for me to just tell the dealer get the shit done and even if it meant letting them put the first 5 hrs on rather than interrupting my vacation to find a stupid dealer to service a jet ski at 5 hrs...I dont make it up... I may still tell them to get that done before I pick the skis up...I dont have the time to play stupid games.. as far as fuel and Light foot prints... I also drive Jeeps so Im used to that and I already have a slip at Fiesta Key 30 a day which is pretty high and Fuel if I have to Ill grab two 5 gal cans and trailer them to a gas station, hell I can imagine gas being 6 bucks a gallon on the water there 6000 a month for a RV slip there...thats theft I have no problems in Cocoa beach or anywhere else, and dont think I wont tell people where they can get off if they give me shit for a ski or two...we are always respectful but Im not putting up with dumb-asses...

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    Sorry it took me a minute

    My dad went in hospital and he went home on Hospice so its been not the best time...
    Thanks to you guys I think I can handle it based on the comments and replies, I do appreciate it folks...
    Would love to Jet ski with ya all...

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    Quote Originally Posted by MarkWhite View Post
    My dad went in hospital and he went home on Hospice so its been not the best time...
    Thanks to you guys I think I can handle it based on the comments and replies, I do appreciate it folks...
    Would love to Jet ski with ya all...
    So sorry to hear that about your dad. Prayers sent to your Dad, you & the family

    Billy D

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