Hey guys,
Here's the situation. I bought a 96' waveventure about 2 years ago as a second ski for my wife. We've since upgraded for her and it's the 3rd ski.

I originally wanted to keep it and pick up a square hull and drop the 701 in for my kid. However, I just don't have the coin right now.

Anyone interested in this ski? It would be a great swap for a square or just a backup motor and parts.. No trailer.

It has right at or just below 100 hours and ran good last season. Jim (termite) has it now to use and I know he said he started it but not sure if he's had it in the water yet.

My main concern is picking up a stand up for my son so I'd be VERY interested in trades as well. He could also use a good laptop for school...

Pm me, email me, whatever, and I can get you any additional info you need on it. I'm open to pretty much all offers and ideas as I really don't have a huge use for the ski right now.. I'd like to get my son into standups...