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    01 virage TX no spark HELP!!!!

    01 virage TX no spark HELP!!!!
    I need to find a service manual for a 01'virage TX I have no spark and need testing info for stator I installed a new coil and nothing please help

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    Download from Polaris How to and Faqs- "full manual downloads"

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    nothing for an 01 virage TX

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    Where to find Polaris Service Manuals, Parts diagrams, part# cross-references, etc

    Quote Originally Posted by wmurray View Post
    ...I need to find a service manual for a 01'virage TX ...
    Please don't post the same question in multiple sections - once is plenty.
    For most questions, the General area is where you should post.

    Searching the Polaris sections for previous threads discussing similar issues will often reveal the information you are looking for. It will take some of your time to do the searching and reading. That is the way it works around here.

    Once you have exhausted the searching within Green Hulk, and downloaded the various manuals and other resources, by all means ask any still unanswered questions you may have.

    You can find Polaris Service Manuals here.
    Often the manual for the same or similar model from a different year will cover what you need for your own model and year.

    Polaris Industries parts catalog and part number cross-referencing system.

    Polaris Parts (PWC 1998-2004) & Owners manuals (PWC 2003-2004)
    (Click on Riders -> Manuals and Parts). Free registration required.

    Mikuni Super BN (SBN) Carburetor rebuild information

    Atlantic PowerSports - Shopping -> OEM Parts Finder
    Provides large, detailed exploded parts diagrams.

    Online Polaris PWC model history - Click on tabs at bottom for specific model lines

    Parts sources (new) include; (Randy)
    and others...

    There are also a number of sources for good used parts. Look in the Polaris Classified section on Green Hulk.
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    Great links, thanks!!

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