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    2004 MSX110 Waste gate problem

    I've got an 04 MSX 110 with about 100 hrs. The waste gate is almost frozen up. It can be moved with a wrench and a good amount of effort but does not move freely. Is there any way to lubricate the waste gate? Any ideas on what to do? The Dealer tells me that I may have to replace the entire turbocharger assembly - his quote is $1500-$2000.

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    Welcome to the HULK!!!!!!!! I would keep spraying it with a good pentrant oil. Let it soak and spray somemore, keep working it while you are spraying it. I know on my Honda's wastegate they recomend using CRC 656 on it, You should spray it every time after you use it. But keep working it and keep spraying pentrant oil. It should free up.

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    wastegate arm

    if you feel like replacing the manifold i have rebuilt ones in stock for a fraction of the cost and they are modified so that the wastegate has better function and lube is easier to get through shaft and bushing. i have been doing this for almost 4 years now. works like a charm. also have rebuilt turbos as well. hey why not make that 110 a 150? the link is below and i can be reached there. manifold is 600.00 shipped including a new sensor.


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    Thanks for the info. If it doesn't free up, I probably go with the rebuilt manifold.

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    A tech here in the Houston area had told me to pour boiling hot water on it. I know it sounds crazy. But that's what I did and it worked all last summer. So I told myself that I was gonna continue doing this through the winter, but didnt follow through with my word. So I tried it last week and its not working for me anymore. So I have the motor out and a new turbo mani. Hopefully it would work for some of you guys that have this problem. If not, I'm sorry. Just passing on what a tech had told me and it did get me by the summer.... Just my input.. Carlos

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