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    multiple part #s for virage tps?

    I've found three different sites that list three different part numbers for the virage txi TPS. Bike bandit lists 3672105-001 for $120, but also sells #2202740 for $80 which another site lists as the correct part number for the '01 virage txi and also sells for $80. Babbitts list a part #2410183 for $100. Is there an older part lurking out there that people are still selling? I've heard they improved it at some point, but is that a different part number, and two places are trying to sell obsolete stock? or am I worrying about nothing?

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    Arrow Ficht TPS versions, sources

    There are bunch of TPS numbers for the Ficht engines

    I always start with the Polaris Industries parts look up web site.

    I get the original or updated part numbers from Polaris, then go shopping on the parts supplier web sites. That way I don't get caught by mistakes in the supplier listings.

    From the Polaris parts web site;

    Non-pigtail TPS
    2410127 original TPS used on 1999 Genesis
    (Substituted by 2410183)

    2410183 is the original part number for the 2001 Virage TXi (there was no 2000 Virage TXi)
    Also used on 2000-2001 Genesis

    Apparently an alternate source for the non-pigtail Polaris TPS is the Johnson / Evinrude / BRP Ficht outboard TPS part numbers 439827, 0439827 and 5001793

    The above are all the non-pigtail style, and have a small lever actuator. The electrical connector is molded right into the TPS itself.
    They look like this.

    2410183 is the part I think you need, if you currently have the non-pigtail TPS.

    Tip: Make sure the replacement TPS lever has the small black plastic nub in place on the arm end.
    If it is missing, you can re-use the one from your old TPS.

    Pigtail TPS
    Starting in 2002, the pigtail style TPS was used. The electrical connector is on the end of a short 'pig-tail cable'.
    Pig-tail TPS look like this

    1202208 original TPS for 2002 Virage TXi, Virage i, and Genesis i
    (superseded by the 2202740 kit)

    'overmolded TPS kit' for 2003-2004 Genesis i, Virage i, and MSX 140

    If your TPS does not have a small actuator lever, and directly mounts onto the end of the throttle shaft, then 2202740 is the TPS to buy.

    Bikebandit uses their own part numbering overlay system, so 3672105-001 is just their internal part code, nothing to do with the actual Polaris part number.

    I see that Partsland has the pigtail kit listed for the 2001 Genesis i and Virage TXi - I suspect that is incorrect.
    But you can still order the 2410183 for $120 from Partsland, just select the 2000 Genesis FFI instead.

    lists the 2410183 for $92

    For some reason the PartsPitStop model look-up doesn't include Polaris PWC, but if you search by part number, the parts are listed.

    I have not ordered from PartsPitStop yet, but I have used Babbitts.
    $99 for the 2410183
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    Thanks K!!!! You just saved my bacon again.

    You're correct. Partsland does list the 2202740 as the replacement part for the 2001 Virage. If that's incorrect, I will not buy it from there. (My 2001 has the non-pigtail TPS).

    As an FYI, Babbitts does list the correct part for $98.97.....BUT, they want $16 to ship it!!!!

    I guess I'll check shipping costs at partspitstop.


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    great, so I wrote to partsland and made sure they cancelled the order I placed last night for a 2202740.

    I just took the seat off one of them and it's "moist" inside, and when checking the tps I noticed that the connector is "moist" as are the pins inside. Actually, they have a mist of oil on them. I'll be drying those out for sure now.

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    Just got off the phone with partsland and they do have an error on their website, so I cancelled it and will try parts pit stop.. $92 +$12.. still better than $119

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