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    Sticky: How to paint your own plastics DIY

    A word from the wise: sewing machines dont need much oil Something my DH obviously didnt know - hes used to oiling the bag sewer at work which is a much larger machine . . . hence months later Im...
  2. My 2019 ultra 310r and 310x

    Picked up a copy of Ultra Sun at midnight release with a few friends of mine. Havent been able to play it too much, but Ive cleared the first island. Im liking the changes that Ive seen so far though.
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    Is Lake Powell worth a long road trip

    Aw man Im not going to be able to make it. Im going on a mission trip to Guatemala and I get back late on the 25th. If I get back early or anything Ill try to come by. Ill let yall know. Sent from my...
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    GTX SC Fuel Pressure Issue

    Are you sure it isnt an electrical problem kicking out the breaker to the fuel pump????? I chased that problem all summer and think I have it solved.
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    Sticky: MID SOUTH Riders Introduction Thread

    Moved back last spring. There are still two other riders down there that are very cool people. Not too sure if anyone in the Miami area still ride though ?
  6. Impeller recommendations for stock f1200x Solas Or stock

    I was thinking about buying a box stock engine for a mini pro I was wondering what billet flywheel still will let me use a pull start. Every site I found doesnt say anything about get a starter with...
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    Tech Library

    Ive been trying to code that but I didnt have much success. Basically, my idea is to always see the enemys town like if I were constantly using the x marks the spot, without having a full LOS - in...
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    Sticky: Wisconsin/ Milwaukee / Lake Michigan Riders

    Im in for a meet Sundays are usually best for me. Cant promise Id get the Saturday off to hang out. But it doesnt matter for me. If I dont work, Ill be there.
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    Stx15f aftermarket fuel gauge

    This is what the gauge says on the instructionsWorks with... GM 0-90 ohms, Ford / Chrysler 73-10 ohms, VDO 10-180 ohms and Stuart Warner / Universal 240-33 ohmsThere is a switch on the back of the...
  10. When is the Yamaha watercraft

    Its hard when you dont own the property outright so you can just do what you want with it. Sorry they wont let you line dry your clothes.
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    Sticky: Supercharger Rebuild

    I havent been on here in a while so Im out of the loop. How did you end up at HP? Are you handling HP and AMP now? Does HP still have the GP track?
  12. Looking for riders in Ocean City MD this summer

    Where in the NorthEast are you located? Which state? and if I set up a rally for this coming spring/summer would you attend? if so reply with state and answer so i can get some numbers.
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    Sea Doo RXPX 300 2016 Blowby

    Thanks guys I am pretty happy with it. At 29 years old she is in need of some love but the gel is in pretty good shape and that was the main reason I bought it. I looked for years for something clean...
  14. Thread: High rev FZR

    by Kamtwero

    High rev FZR

    but those guys from sweden make it look so easy to get 1000 hp from these engines as long as you have the money and the know how. With money anything is possible.
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