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  1. Sticky: Re: cam shaft kit

    Thanks so much for doing that. I really do appreciate it.
    Apparently, according to my dealer, the cam shaft comes as a kit now, so I'm thinking that's the new part number.

    Once I had your guide...
  2. Sticky: Thank you

    Guys, you have been so much help! Especially you K447! Don't tell me you actually went out & took yours off so you could give me that information???!!!
    You're a legend. Your guide has enabled...
  3. Sticky: Thanks for your input guys. Basically, the part...

    Thanks for your input guys.
    Basically, the part I need to replace is number 12 in the diagram. Unfortunately, I think I need to remove the whole unit in order to access this part.
    It is a bit...
  4. Sticky: No info

    Thanks for the suggestion. The manual isn't really much help I'm afraid. All it says is that it shouldn't need much maintenence! That's it! Not very helpful at all.
    I thought possibly there might be...
  5. Sticky: How to repair a stiff/jammed Reverse lever on Virage, MSX, Genesis with reverse lever

    Can anyone tell me how to remove the reverse selector from my 2001 Virage TX 1200? :smt100

    Basically the cam shaft has sheared & I'll be needing a new one (see WTB in classifieds) I just need to...
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