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    66v jug and piston needed

    Hi guys. I’m in need of a jug and piston for my 2001 xlt1200. Anyone have a good one around?
  2. No I actually did not measure the gap. They came...

    No I actually did not measure the gap. They came as a complete top end set from sbt
  3. Jetting difference on Nikasal coated cylinders versus sleeved

    Hello, finally thought I had everything dialed in after rebuild on 2001 XLT 1200. Was running great. Did complete top and with sleeved cylinders Pistons gasket all around rebuilt carbs new reads etc....
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    2001 XLT 1200 odd issue

    Hi guys, I was on the form years ago with a couple of XLT 1200s now my son is old enough and we decided to do a father-son project and get another one. Long story short we found a nice XLT 1200 with...
  5. I used these.311146 I have always used general...

    I used these.311146
    I have always used general marine carpet on new treated wood fr the bunks. Make sure your staples are stainless. Put seam side up and cover with sliders. Work great on 1200 xlt...
  6. Anyone?

  7. Looking for good yamaha mechanic in Fla.

    Hi, just bought 2 1200 xlt limited. Does anybody have a good mechanic in the st.augustine fla area? Thanks
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