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  1. Kawasaki stx 1100 di speed pickup wheel removal


    When you need to replace the speedometer wheel. Can you pull that through the outside
    and unplug it to replace. or do you have to go into engine...
  2. Looking for instructions for removing KAW 2002 1100 STX speedometer and testing

    KAW 2002 1100 STX DI the speedometer is either not working or the meter gauge for speed MPH is gone bad
    All other functions are working on the Gauge. It is not registering 0 MPH when turned...
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    SCOM for Kaw 2018 310 ultra

    which is easier to install R&D or RIVA SCOM?

    It looks like RIVA has 1 extra wire ?

    Results for the SCOM are they about the same?

    Have the SCOM improved in results over the last few...
  4. 2018 KAW 310 X 50 hours exhaust filter change

    I just hit the 50 hour mark and it say to replace the exhaust filter?

    I ride in fresh water only. They want $350 to put on a new filter.

    Are all you guys checking the filter to see if its...
  5. 50 hour inspection of Pump seals and bearings on Kawasaki 310x

    at the 50 hour mark on the 2018 Kaw 310 x jetski. Manual says take it to dealer for inspection of the pump.

    Those guys around here charge $100 an hour labor. The inspection of the pump I guess...
  6. Manual says inspect at 50 hour Kawasaki 310X OEM Part 16104-0012 Filter-comp Muffler

    But does not really say what to look for? its a $134 part so hate to replace it for no reason.

    anyone removed and replaced, does not appear to be a big deal where its located
  7. how often should you pull your pump and check seals, shaft bearings and new grease

    how often should you pull the pump and check the seal and grease to be sure water is not getting into the shaft bearings.
  8. EMM are you able to pull codes off when out of ski

    was wondering if a EMM can have the trouble codes read from it on the computer when its pulled on the Jetski.
    Having isssues but do not see any codes on meter screen on the jetski
  9. took ski back out. Ran for 30-45 minutes when the...

    took ski back out. Ran for 30-45 minutes when the bogging started felt like it was starving for fuel , more you tried to throttle up worse it got .
    While running lifted off the seat to open it up to...
  10. 1st time problem oon 2002 1100 STx D! bogging down and full trottle shuts down


    After trying all the suggestions . I found when it started boggong down choking. Simply turn it off wait a minute . Turn it back on and it starts running fine again....
  11. 2002 1100 STX DI question on Vibration and no digitsl speed display

    There might be someone out there that still runs a 2002 KAW 1100 STX DI . I know a 17 year ols jetski
    does not have a lot of value but still like riding this old jetski.
    1. It has always sounded...
  12. yes seems to be slightly heavier along the left...

    yes seems to be slightly heavier along the left side. but you can run your finger along the top of engine, and carb intake a fill the film. Seems to have a slight ring around on of the injector also
  13. 2002 Kaw 1100 light black film inside engine compartment

    trying to figure out where this light black oily film is coming from inside the jetski. I have checked the bolts everything seems tight.

    This was a engine rebuild so wondering which gasket could...
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    Winterizing 2018 310 x jetski

    Winterizing a 310 x jetski

    Live in an area where temperatures in Jan/Feb will drop below freezing several times. I have blown out the water from the engine by running but was wondering if anyone...
  15. Lube Jetpump bearings and seals does pump have to be pulled

    2018 Kaw 310 X time to do normal maintance on Jet pump. Is it possible to correctly check those while the pump is on the ski, or does it require to remove the ride plate and pull the pump off for...
  16. 250 ultra stx 2007 dismanteled parts available

    Tons of parts For 2007 seats, Ecu,supercharger mirrors, etc etc. if you need something specific send me a request and I will check what's left on the shelves. most of the engine is all gone. If you...
  17. I put everything back to stock. I am now waiting...

    I put everything back to stock. I am now waiting on a replacement pin to place back on the SCOM from R& D . They did not have the actual pin since they do not make it the Module. . But had a old SCOM...
  18. R& Ds SCOM F 1 issue

    WAZ appears to understand this issue as being a pin or the possible module issue itself. R&D does not make this themselves and gets it from a electronic supplier. Since it is not stamped or labeled...
  19. Clarify what you mean want work?

    What is it not doing specifically
  20. PS R& D was very helpful. Responded quickly to...

    PS R& D was very helpful. Responded quickly to my questions, how to properly install, and help with several mod questions.
  21. spoke with the R7D technician about the SCOM ...

    spoke with the R7D technician about the SCOM speed module for the 310x. The issue from what they have found and are aware of if the speedometer paddle wheel is spinning at a higher rate then ECU...
  22. Shout out to MWHC for his suggestion for...

    Shout out to MWHC for his suggestion for removing the broken in in module. Simple trick but saved me a trip to the dealer. Hooked back the OEM pin wire and was out on the water with everything back...
  23. F 1 code after instaling R&D Speed SCOM module on 310 X 2018 model WHY?

    Anyone experienced this issue with a R & D SCom addition 310 x ketski

    F1 code was coming on once you crosssed over 67 MPH . Any speed up to that point it did not signal F !.

    Still maxed out at...
  24. Ok Muked up Big Kaw 2018 310 X broke wiring from SCOM in clip to ECU hooking up the R& D SCOM and riding each time I hit about 67 MPH the F! code would start flashing.
    After testing it...
  25. recommendation R7D or RIVA SCOM for 310 X 2018 model

    any testing between these to vendors and difference in ease of adding them to your ski
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