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  1. Amazon provides a store front for huge numbers of...

    Amazon provides a store front for huge numbers of third party sellers. A huge portion of the product volume sold on Amazon is not ‘from’ Amazon.

    Amazon does have a counterfeit products problem....
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    05 FXHO Thru-Hull exhaust

    Hey guys,

    I thought I'd share a few pics of my 05 fxho's exhaust. I modified the RIVA 2012-2018 kit to make it fit on my ski, and its held up for the past two summers!
  3. How to add cruise and ski mode to any IBR ski!!!!

    Hey yaw,

    This is a continuation of this thread, just needed to rename it:

    Recap, I believe I have found a way to add Cruise and Ski mode...
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    MR1 HO to 1.8L HO engine swap - gen 1 FX HO

    I've got an '05 Yamaha FX HO in need of a new engine. Rather than provisioning an obsolete MR1 HO replacement, I am going to swap-in a new-ish 1.8L NA engine. Likely not on anyone’s top-10 conversion...
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