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  1. Sticky: Welcome partshunter. What failed exactly? Did...

    Welcome partshunter.

    What failed exactly? Did the splines themselves strip, or did the coupler have a rubber insert that let go?

    How did you do the engine to jet pump alignment?
  2. Sticky: Reverse rod reconnection

    Make sure swivel at the end of each cable is not twisted, then re-connect.

    To retain the reverse pin in pace, I prefer to use cotter rings rather than the stock split cotter pins.

    YouTube -...
  3. Sticky: Jet pump re-installation - long pump bolt torque, steering and reverse cables

    Torque the LONG jet pump bolts to 18ft-lbs torque, using a criss-cross pattern.

    Confirm pump nozzle is level and square.

    Then re-connect steering and reverse cables.

    Make sure the washer...
  4. Sticky: Jet pump re-installation

    Lots of things to do here.

    First make sure all the pump sections are clear of corrosion, and fit together nicely.

    Don't forget to clean off any corrosion around the rim of the pump base, which...
  5. Sticky: Inspecting the pump stator

    Inspect stator blades. Look for dings, cracks, bent blades, rough edges. Check for corrosion on the rim surfaces where the sections mate.

    The stator in the video is not bad overall. It needs a...
  6. Sticky: Removing the impeller

    Use an impeller removal tool to undo the impeller.

    There are several Polaris compatible impeller removal tools on the market, but I ended up using this home-made version when I couldn't find my...
  7. Sticky: Removing the stator tail cone for inspection

    Requires a 5/32 hex driver to remove the socket head screws from the stator tail cone.

    Note that the tail cone has outer pockets molded into it. Often these pockets collect water. This has no...
  8. Sticky: Inspecting the extension wear ring

    This wear ring has seen better days, but it is still usable for recreational riding. I wouldn't want it to be any worse than this, however.

    You can see where the impeller blades have been grinding...
  9. Sticky: Removing extension wear ring section from pump stator section

    Typically the wear ring is firmly stuck onto the pump stator. It is just more corrosion, but it can be really stuck on there.

    Judicious application of a dead blow hammer or rubber mallet should...
  10. Sticky: Checking impeller blade clearance to wear ring

    Polaris specifies the maximum allowed clearance between the impeller blades and the surrounding wear ring to be .020 inches. Preferred clearance is .010 inches, or less.

    This particular impeller...
  11. Sticky: Drive shaft inspection of through-hull sealing surface

    If this area is rough or rusted, the seals in the through-hull bearing will not be able to keep the water out.

    If the surface damage is very minor you may be able to get away with cleaning it up....
  12. Sticky: Inspecting the drive shaft splines, through-hull sealing surface

    Inspect drive shaft splines at both ends. Look for worn, rounded over or damaged splines. The drive shaft shown here is in good shape.

    Both ends of the drive shaft should have small rubber...
  13. Sticky: Remove the drive shaft from the impeller

    The drive shaft seal will often stick just inside the impeller, so it can take some real pulling and wiggling to get it to come free.

    If there is still a good grease seal around the O-ring, then...
  14. Sticky: Cracking the jet pump free, and pulling it out

    Now we get to the main event - removing the actual jet pump. If it has not been removed in a long time, it is probably stuck in place.

    The only thing keeping it in there is corrosion around the...
  15. Sticky: Before you remove the nozzle assembly, check for...

    Before you remove the nozzle assembly, check for and remove any small rubber hoses that connect low on the right side of the jet pump exit nozzle.

    These are the bilge siphon hoses. Some models...
  16. Sticky: How to remove and re-install the Polaris 148mm jet pump

    Removing the 148mm modular jet pump is not particularly difficult. You just need to know what the steps are, and what to watch out for.

    I have created a series of short Youtube video segments to...
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