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  1. The FISH PRO STORY "Inspired by Andrew Hill"

    My Sea-Doo story” Inspired by Andrew Hill” is now live 💯

    The 15 year journey to get to this point is a huge honour and I am so grateful to have such good people in my life who believed in me,...
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    Hi, I am based in New Zealand, the fish caught is...

    Hi, I am based in New Zealand, the fish caught is one of our enjoyable eating table fish called Snapper, they put up a great fight! The legal size to be able to keep them is approx 11 inches. When...
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    Another big one!
  4. Cheers, pleased to hear you enjoyed it :-)

    Cheers, pleased to hear you enjoyed it :-)
  5. My biggest catch yet on the Trophy, caught with a 7" softbait!

    This epic battle all caught on camera! Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube Channel
  6. Fishing with the Sea-Doo swivel seat

    My latest offshore adventure on the new Sea-Doo FISH PRO Trophy using the swivel seat for saltwater fishing.
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    Winter adventure catching fish

    My latest adventure with some fast approaching weather, dressed up warm and ready for the wet ride home
  8. 150th VIDEO episode "BEST OF FISHPRO LIFE"

    Celebrating 150 Sea-Doo Adventures, I put together some of our best adventures yet!
  9. 150th VIDEo episode "BEST OF FISHPRO LIFE"

    Celebrating 150 Sea-Doo Adventures, I put together some of our best adventures yet!
  10. Fast fishing with the new FISH PRO Trophy

    Here is my latest video, catching fresh fish for dinner on the 2022 Sea-Doo FISH PRO Trophy
  11. The Sea-Doo iDF system is going to be very handy for fisherman!

    My latest adventure could have been over before I started fishing... instead with some help with the iDF, the big clump of seaweed was freed and I got to carry on my days fishing with mates :-)
  12. VIDEO walk thru of the new features on the FISH PRO for the Sea-Doo Trophy

    Here are some of the feature package for the Australasian spec'd FISH PRO Trophy, mainly sold for the saltwater market. North America includes the anchor setup and swivel seat.
  13. Massive Whale sighting while out on the Sea-Doo Trophy

    My latest adventure on the 2022 Sea-Doo FISH PRO Trophy in New Zealand
  14. Crazy fishing action with the new 2022 FISH PRO Trophy

    An epic fishing session on the FISH PRO Trophy. The fishing action was so hot we couldn't miss catching dinner!
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    Catch fish two up on the FISH PRO

    Always amazes me how stable the FISHPRO fishing platform is
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    2022 Sea-Doo FISHING models

    Introducing the 2022 line-up of Sea-Doo fishing watercraft. Sea-Doo the industry leader continue to innovate bringing a range of purpose built fishing platforms for anglers to enjoy lakes, river and...
  17. Big fish on the 2021 iDF Sea-Doo FISH PRO

    Cooper catching the fish on our latest FISH PRO adventure!
  18. What to look for on your fish finder...

    Here are some screen shots and tips on how I hunt the fish with my 2021 Sea-Doo FISH PRO
  19. Another monster fish video with Andrew Hill

    Here is my latest catch off my 2021 Sea-Doo FISH PRO, got to love the stability of this fishing platform.
  20. 35 FISH PRO's! VIDEO of our latest COVID FREE Jetskifishing social trip

    Here is our latest adventure with 50 watercraft and 60 Jetskifisho's enjoying our latest 4 day adventure together in New Zealand with Andrew Hill
  21. How to use the Sea-Doo FISH FINDER/GPS Tips and Tricks

    Tips and tricks beginners guide to use the Garmin 62CV Fish Finder/Plotter Dallas is a Regional Trainer from Garmin and runs through the basics with me, showing how simple the unit is to use. The...
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    Jetskifishing big fish video

    Here is some more fishing action on the new 2021 Sea-Doo FISH PRO Andrew Hill in NZ
  23. Father and daughter Jetskifishing adventure

    Awesome way to spend my birthday morning, fishing with my 6 year old daughter on the latest Sea-Doo FISH PRO
  24. Biggest catch yet off the new 2021 FISH PRO

    First time out solo on the new Sea-Doo FISH PRO and I caught this big King

    Thanks for watching

    Andrew, Hill
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    Best days are taking kids fishing!
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