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  1. Miles per gallon experience for WakePro 230 or similar

    Looking at doing a 100 mile lake ride (round trip) with 15.9 gallon full tank on relatively smooth water at about 25-30 mph consistently. Anyone have any experience with gas mileage on this model or...
  2. Here was the problem - a piece was missed during...

    Here was the problem - a piece was missed during manufacturing. Part # 277001654 to be exact - a steering column spacer.
  3. UPDATE: Dealer replaced both upper and lower wear...

    UPDATE: Dealer replaced both upper and lower wear rings with no change. Still has same vertical play. They started a case with BRP. We'll see.

    To be continued...
  4. Calling and taking it in today. It's way too much...

    Calling and taking it in today. It's way too much play to just be differences in bushing tolerance as the dealer said.
  5. Vertical steering / handlebar play on 2018 GTX / GTR / RXP / RXT / Wake Pro 230

    Just picked up two 2018 Wake Pro 230s last week. My first Sea-Doos after 25 years on another brand (guess my Waverunner username is coming back to bite me now).

    I noticed some vertical play (on...
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    I made my own bunks with these slides

    I know you mentioned just wanting to buy them, but after breaking brand-new bunks by putting my Waverunners back on the trailer too hard after service, I made my own with:

    1) White oak cut to my...
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    Both of these

    These locations have been added to the map - thank you!

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    Fixed it by loosening the bolt, pushing up collar and re-tightening it

    This thread is only place online I found talking about the issue - I was experiencing the vertical play or slippage in my 2012 VX Cruiser Waverunner too.

    After reading everything above and...
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    Fuel Docks on Colorado River

    While planning a Laughlin / Mohave / Havasu trip I wanted to find a map of all on-water fuel docks on the Colorado river.

    I couldn't find one so I created one here:

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