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  1. Those driveshafts listed are sold out, thanks for...

    Those driveshafts listed are sold out, thanks for helping look though. These are needles in a haystack apparently.
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    I’m looking for the 18.375 drive shaft and solid coupler for my Polaris Pro1200. I can’t find any aftermarket at all. Send me a PM if anyone has one for sale. Thanks!
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    Casey67 had one, he sold out. They’re hard to find.
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    Pro 1200 drive shaft problem

    I have been searching for a 18.375” drive shaft with no luck. With the 4” wear ring being located behind the stator, would it be ok to use put the wear ring in front of the stator/pump and simply use...
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    Polaris pro 1200 wear ring reversal?

    I can’t find a new drive shaft for my Pro 1200. Can I just put the wear ring up front and get a 22.375 drive shaft?
  6. Virage TX slow acceleration and no top end

    I thought for a while that I had dirty carb, no fuel pressure, clogged fuel lines, etc. Recently I took out my 2000 Virage tx for another test run and noticed that when I got airborn while holding...
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