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  1. Surging on 310 x

    Had a very similar problem on my 310 X at 10 hours. There was a hose connected to the bottom on the supercharger where the factory had not clamped down and it was leaking , causing the boost leak...
  2. Bet you never found this stuck in your prop

    Took the jet ski out and as I started it it was cavitating and making a grinding noise. Quickly pulled it up on the lift to look at the prop. Pulled out the remains of a Water snake in 6 inch chunks...
  3. lube Jet pump bearings and seals after 25 hours on KAW ultra 310 x

    I have pulled the pump before to replace a impeller. My manual say I have to lube the jet pump bearings and seals on the shaft after 25 hours.

    My impression is I will have to have the shaft...
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    Kawasaki vs Yamaha jetskis newest models

    I have owned and supported Kawasaki since 1986, 1996, 2002, and 2007 . At some point they all have died of
    some major malfunction and the cost to repair was not worth the investment.

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