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    This thread doesn't make any sense. You...

    This thread doesn't make any sense.

    You start off saying that you have low compression on one cylinder after break-in, as well as water in the oil. You said that you got water in the engine...
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    Key programing Stx15F

    I bought the factory dongle and it did not seem to work so I bought the cando dongle. Neither seems to work. Here is a picture of where I am plugging it in. Is this correct?466076
  3. 03-04 STX-12f & STX-15-f Fuel Filter Purolator Part Number

    I just wanted to give back a little since I have read a lot of great info here at this site. My 04 stx-12f was running real rough. Top and mid would bog then surge then bog
    back and forth in around...
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