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  1. FS Still have these sweet tabs...$65 shipped!

    Still have these sweet tabs...$65 shipped!
  2. FS X4 hull placement

    Does it have the two black tabs on it from the factory? If so its a direct replacement, just use the existing screws. If not you would have to install inserts into the hull, them to the...
  3. FS ttt

  4. FS Bump

  5. FS ..

  6. FS bump

  7. FS $65 shipped? anyone?

    $65 shipped? anyone?
  8. FS Bump

  9. FS Bump

  10. FS stool...

    Sorry dude....mine!
    But I think you can order them right from BRP! :)
    Check the 2010 PWC accessories thingy at your dealer? Or on line.
  11. FS R&D XP X4 hull trim wings used 787 800 xp SPX $75 shipped.

    Great shape USPS shipped with delivery confirm. International ship add $15.00. Fits the 96XP and X4 hull with trim tabs in the back like these. A direct fit, world of change on the handling on the...
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