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  1. 1999 770r will not rev over 3100 rpm? Need help

    If someone could help that would be great.
    This is what I have.
    1999 770r
    Took it out of winter storage and fired right up! Ran great.
    My son took it out to the water and found the water hose was...
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    1996 slt 700 coil resistance?

    My 96 slt has lost spark. Went thru the book and the stater seems to be testing ok? The resistance on the coil is 1.5 ohms. The book states .35?
    Do I have a bad coil?
    Please help. Would like to...
  3. My son just did the same thing on out SLT 700....

    My son just did the same thing on out SLT 700.
    Now no spark?
    I can not see any fuse. No burnt wires that I could see either?
    I know we are not the only people to have done this.
    Please help.
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