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  1. Sticky: Polaris MFI Multifunction Instrument Display modes and warnings

    This video demonstrates the MFI modes and warnings for Low Fuel, Low Oil, HOT Overheat, Reverse, and the Ficht only Check Engine.

    The display model is from a Virage watercraft with manual reverse,...
  2. Sticky: How to adjust speedo needle zero position on MFI displays (Genesis & Virage only)

    Note: This is the adjustment for the round dial speedometer.
    I do not (yet) know whether or how this affects the digital speed display.
    Note: Ignore the black blob...
  3. Sticky: How to calibrate voltage reading on MFI display (Virage and Genesis)

    Important: During this calibration the battery voltage to MFI pin-2 on Red/Purple wire (Red/White on some 2003-2004) must be exactly 14.00 volts DC

    If voltage feed to the display is higher or...
  4. Sticky: How to Reset the Engine Hour counter on the Polaris MFI display (Genesis & Virage)

    Note: If you have the older oval or round MFD display the reset method can be found in this thread over here.

    After some experimenting and general poking around, here is the method for resetting...
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