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  1. It is a 2015 with the T-3 hull.

    It is a 2015 with the T-3 hull.
  2. Hawkeye 300 depth finder transducer, mounting inside RXTX?

    I recently purchased a Hawkeye 300 depth finder for my RXTX

    the transducer that came with it will not shoot through the hull.

    If I do the exchange program for a glue in, has this been...
  3. My bad, I couldn’t count ......... so this means...

    My bad, I couldn’t count ......... so this means that it was a early build, right?
  4. C515 are the last probably built in...

    C515 are the last probably built in May of 2015?.....Trimmed out in 2014 colors. Anyway, I bought it as a 15 because of the number and I really like the red and black scheme! A very...
  5. 2015 RXT X 260 versa a 2014 RXT X 260 color scheme

    Why is my 2015 RXT X 260 trimmed in RED like the 2014? The hull number ends in 15 which should indicate that it is a 2015. Looking at the 2015 model lineup, the RXT X 260 is trimmed in YELLOW. Can...
  6. Thread: 2015 rtx x 260

    by Trakman

    2015 rtx x 260

    I just bought this used JetSki. Bought it from a second owner that didn’t know whole lot about it. With 120 hours, and being a 2015 model, is the supercharger in need of an overhaul or is this a late...
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    Gauge cluster 2006 GTX

    My new to me 2006 GTX had a new gauge cluster installed before I bought it. The digital RPM part of the gauge only shows either 5000 or zero, no other numbers. The liquid part of the gauge on its...
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    Sea Doo O.P.A.S.

    I am new here and I recently purchased a 2006 GTX 155. This particular machine has flippers for steering assist. I have read on here that these steering assist flippers are controlled by water to...
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