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    Fuel selector valves go bad?
    Yes, pump parts and discs were replaced. I'm tempted to just dropping it off at the dealership, and know that's going to hurt the pocket, but getting frustrated here.
  2. When the revs stay up after letting off, it is lean. Did you take apart your fuel pump to confirm the mica check valves are in place? Your fuel selector switch could be bad also. The rubber inner liner slips and can cut off fuel flow. Try running it in reserve and see if it clears up. It's not mixture screws for sure...
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    It's the 800, 1996 XP. I did get it running.........like shit. LoL
    I left it overnight, must had been flooded, and started up after I sent you the question.
    But it's running crappy. I have the high speeds (with caps) turned in at '0', the lows out at 1 turn, and the idle screw set at 2 turns in. Idles, but when I hit throttle it goes, then when I release, the revs stay up and slowly drop off. Then dies.
    This was done in the water, on trailer. Not sure where I'm missing the mark here??
  4. Please remind me what engine we are working on here...then I can help.
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    Need your help as I'm lost on something here.
    I changed the pop off spring pressure, back to the old springs, pops near 30, so all is good there.
    But still having a hard time getting it fired up and I think it's because the injector settings.

    - I see in the manual here it states:
    1) Turn idle speed screw until it contacts stopper
    2) Turn idle speed screw 2 turns.
    3) Turn cable adjustment nut to align marks on pump.

    What pump? Oil injector pump?
    How I have it set now, is that I aligned the marks on the injector while the idle speed screw was just touching the stopper plate. Then I locked all the stopper nuts, and then turned up the idle 2 turns. And of course the oil injector marks have now advanced as well.
    So I am confused at which stage the injector marks should lign up and I don't want to damage the engine by running too lean.
    Any experienced advice?
  6. Hey I replied to you PM. Sorry for not doing it sooner!
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    hi, I hate to keep bothering you, but you are the 785 god. do I want bill o's jet kit with proks and a higher comp head or a ppg level1 for my 97spx?unless you know of something that will work better.thank you
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    Thanx for helping me out and replying to my post all the time.
    The easiest way to confirm/drain the water (if it's in there) under the front cover, is to remove the starter. When you pull it out, if water gushes out, you will have to remove the front cover to clean it all up.

    Then, after that, I'd say it was the coil. But only after.

    There is no more water there now. It cranks and stuff. Just not getting spark. Before i had a hard time cranking before water was inside, but i got it to start so i let it run. Then when i shut it off it doesn't start sometimes. Sometimes it starts. Now i check most of the time no spark. It just cranks. I know for sure there is no more water inside the engine or starter. So would u say go with the coil? The other guy that works on boat told me it could be the coil too. I have sand all the connections down today and put wd40 so yeah. Replace the coil right?
  9. Man...I'm sorry but I'm not familiar with your ski. I specialize in the 96 800 engined skis and some 951s through 2003. What engine is in your ski?
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    Being new to the forum I can tell you offer great advice on many threads and I'd like your opinion on a issue I'm having with a 2004 GTI LE. The ski kept blowing the 5A on the MPEM and the relay in the rear electrical box was buzzing. I've since replaced the MPEM and Relay, but the ski still does not beep and guages won't power up. I have power to the 5A and 15A fuse at the MPEM but nothing works, even the test sequence.

    Thanks in advance for the advice,
    IDOO (aka Les)
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