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  1. Well, it's happened again to my 96 XP 787!! two years after replacing the crank for hydro lock, it has hydro lock again??? i turned the crank by hand the other day so that I can grease the PTO fitting and now it is full of oil again and is hydro locking ....I cant imaging that the seal on a new crank have already deteriorated ??.........can turning the PTO/crank by hand be the cause of hydro lock ???
  2. I recently replace the MPEM in my stock 96 XP, she starts fine and run ok, except that I lost about 5 mph top speed since I installed the new MPEM and she max out about 6300 RPM. Question: does a mpem hold or set the RPM , is this something that need to be program into the mpem at the dealer with a MPEM programmer or
  3. I have a 96 XP that I have replace the crankshaft (the seals leaked) and I recently installed a shut off valve on the oil inlet hose to prevent the oil from leaking into the cylinder during the winter and when not in use, I'm just wondering if I should put another shut off valve on the oil return hose too?
  4. Does anybody know a good brand of marine engine paint that I can use on my 96 XP that would match my white 787 engine color (spray can), my engine rebuilt is almost complete and before I drop it back in the hull I would like to paint it the exact same white paint color as the stock engine, .....Bombardier doesn't sell it anymore and neither does their paint source Color-Rite make's the Seadoo paint anymore ......
  5. Does anybody know if the cylinder base gasket size matter on a stock rebuilt? I purchases a cylinder base gasket rebuilt kit last winter and didn't get a chance to installed it, i just started resuming work on it again (787 engine for my 96 XP), only to realized that the gasket size that came with the kit is a 6 hole gasket (.024in) and my old one was a 5 hole gasket (.020in)......I called around and apparently the 5 hole is no longer in production.

    Also, my friend has a brand new 4 (.016in) hole gasket that he's willing to give me for free for the same size engine....... any ideas which one out of the two gasket would be the best choice?.
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About Seadoo XP 94
Original 1994 Seadoo XP owner, 22 yrs later and over 650 hours on it and the engine is still purring like a kitten, never rebuilt , all original. The only problem I ever had with this thing is the oil pump let go on me about 9 yrs ago and the solenoid about 3 yrs ago and had to replace the needle bearings for the pump twice. I've probably replace the battery about 8 times over the last 20yrs, aside from regular maintanence, this XP is bullitt proof!
Ontario, Canada
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