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  1. Sorry for the late response. I'm just not getting notifications for some reason. You can use a utility knife blade held flat to safely scrape most of the carbon off. Then wire wheel the rest. Just use some 2 stroke or fogging oil on the parts for assembly, power valves too. Torque bolts to the proper spec. Use upgraded power valve keepers. Inspect the power valve shoulder for wear as they can get worn down when the cavity is plugged up with burnt oil deposits. MAKE SURE you go through the carbs AND check the fuel pickup assembly trap door as a fuel issue will lead to another failure.
  2. Hello, you had helped me with this post 2001 1200 gpr need help with piston issue and I greatly appreciate it. I was hoping to get your advice as I continue this project. I purchased a cylinder exchange kit (3 cylinders, pistons, gaskets, etc) from SBT (I've heard they aren't that great but I had to go with costs) and will be re-assembling this over the next few months. I was first wondering if I should use assembly lube on everything ie even the powervalves? I'm going to use it on the rings, piston, wristpin, etc. The powervalves on the middle cylinder and the magneto cylinder had large amounts of carbon which made them difficult to open and close. Those are soaking in mineral oil now to get them cleaned up. Do you have any advice or words of caution for me? thank you in advance for your time and any info you can provide.
  3. If I were taking it apart I would replace the impeller as well. I think either brand is fine. Also, don't rule out the Adonis line from SBT. I've installed several on customer skis and they seem to perform just as well for a lot less coin.
  4. Hey, a quick question and thanks for the advice. Looks like you are a PWC subject matter expert, so here is the question, as the impeller on my wife's FX Cruiser HO is getting a little ragged on the edges I am thinking of replacing it with an after market impeller. Do you have a preference between Solas and Skat Trak? Those are the 2 brands that Green Hulk store sells.
    More info: the only mods to the ski are ribbon delete and a combination R&D performance air intake/velocity stack on the throttle body, 228 hours, never been in salt water, garage kept, all oil has been all Amsoil except for 10 hours brake-in. It really looks show room new. So I am thinking, if I take the pump out to inspect the bearings, may as well replace the impeller. Your thoughts?
  5. Impossible.......I don't own a cell phone
  6. Hey can you shoot me a text I have a question about the same wiring issue you had with a 08 rxt 255

  7. Sorry, just saw this. Which engine does your GTX have?
  8. Hey boss tia if you can help me with a question, i have a 2003 gtx cavitating. So i pulled and so forth, as im ordering a wear ring for it im notincing stock oem wear ring 419 is 57 mm id. That to much i need 155.5 like it says. What am i missing can you help me out thanks!
  9. Sorry, never saw this until now. It's a '93 Nichols Watercraft "trident". They are VERY rare. All carbon fiber.
  10. May I ask what pic your avatar is looks like Batman should be ridding it.
    I like
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