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  1. Hi there. Off chance, do you still have that CDI from that post a long time ago? I happen to live in Cleveland and need this part. Have a good day and great holiday. Thank you.
    97 sltx 1050 cdi..nonupdated..4060170

  2. I’m interested in crankshaft
    pistons and cilynders
  3. Welcome to the Hulk. Start a thread for your ski and I'll see what I can offer as far as help goes.
  4. Just signed as a new member today and really interested in any input you may have for me and my project. I have a 1994 Polaris SL 750 and it has piston problems. I work in a machine shop and have ordered 1.75 mm oversize pistons and just wonder if I will need to do any head modifications to accommodate the oversize pistons? Also curious what carb adjustments you would recommend. We have already upgraded the fuel pump and have routed the fuel lines to each carb.
  5. i thought you might be able to give me sum input on one of my skis, i have a 1993 polaris sl 650, it ran OK but not great, i converted every thing over to a premix, changed over to a triple outlit fuel pump,put in ALL new fuel lines, it was carrying 60 lps of compresson, i put new pistons,wrings,wrist pins ,pin bearings, now its carrying about 95lbs, i no thats good enough pressure because my brother has a 94, sl 650 and he only has about 60lps compresson on each cylinder(tested them myself) and his runs like a scalded dog at around 48 mph... well my 93 will start up with a choke and sumtimes has good throttle(on the trailor) but sumtime it dont,then i have to pump the primer ball to get more fuel in the lines to get it running again..? you got any ideas?
  6. This is not the place to post questions like that. Post up a thread in the general discussion section and you'll get lots of good responses.
  7. polaris sl 650 1993 i have been working on this ski,i done a top end rebuild(new gaskets as well, i did remove the thermostat and the pwhite pop off valve inside tha thermostat housing as well, i took it to the lake to test it (it runs good on the trailor) but when i put it in the water it dont run hardly at all, i tore it back down and i have found a lot of water in the block.WHAT CAUSED THIS?(heads were shaved prio to rebuild) COULD not installing the thermostat and that white little plastic piece and spring in the thermostat housing have cause this? 2 day i poured oil down the water jacket ports on the crank case(with jugs off) to see if it leaks off or out so far it hasnt going down any, is this a good way to check to see if my leak is in the crank case? please help!!
  8. Success!!! It was the MFD you were right...I removed the MFD and runs like a champ!!! Go figure K.I.S.. right?

    Apparently the MFD is an input AND an output device.

    Thanks for your help and suggestions!

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    Hey X, here are some rub rails. They are going to end soon, just thought you might wanna know. it was you right looking for some!
  10. Thanks, but I'm looking for a SLT hull. I'm getting rid of an SL also. Thanks

    Things are OK. If I had the $$ I coulda scored a PRO for real cheap. It's gone now though.
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