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  1. Hi Sean l am in Australia and have a hotstart issue on 2010 ultra lx normally aspirated. If i get the new temp sensor I need a resistor and the eco re programmed to suit is that right?
  2. Hello Sean - I changed out the ECU on my 15F Kawie and now we are getting spark but still cant get it to pop even with fresh gas down the cylinder. Do you have 15 mins for a quick call to discuss what it could be ? 262-719-4047 thanks Scott
  3. Hey Sean ! Ever been to Hawaii ? Wanna come and help me make my ski BA ? Lol for real though…… help !
  4. Sean - I have Kawie STX 15 (I think Ultra-im not near it now). The dash ended up getting water logged due to crack in the overlay. I have replaced the dash but I do not have any spark. Do you have 5 mins for a call to help figure out what could be the issue. The ohms checked out on the crank position sensor. Plugs are good. Please let me know if would be willing to have a call. I have a good friend who has a business working on small engines / bikes / snowmobiles for years (+30) who is helping me get it running. He is looking to ask a couple of questions. I would really appreciate if you could support a quick call. Thanks Scott 262-719-4047
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  6. I guess it is possible that water is traveling from this hole underneath the coupler and into the exhaust system where it connects to the water box, but even that seems like a bit of a stretch with the rings underneath it.
    Iíve tried sending pics a couple of times through private messenger, but it keeps failing to send. As you can probably tell, I'm not very familiar with message boards and how to navigate the site.
    What are your thoughts based on what I have described and your experience with these exhaust systems? Do you know of any other tests or inspections I can perform to better locate the source of the problem? Any help is greatly appreciated. -Chris
  7. Hey Sean. I've been trying to send a private message, but can't get anything to go through. I was finally able to carve out some time yesterday afternoon to work on my STX and remove the exhaust manifold and pipe. I quickly found a large hole on the outside of the exhaust pipe just underneath where the blue coupling connects the pipe to the water box. After some additional visual inspection inside the pipe and manifold, I did see some corrosion and pitting on both the manifold and the pipe, but I donít see any obvious holes where the corrosion has eaten completely through the wall of the pipe and water is leaking into the exhaust system; allowing it to travel back up into the cylinder when attempting to start the engine. Right now the only visible issue I can confirm is the hole on the outside of the exhaust pipe.
  8. Sorry i cant figure out the private message my ski is a 2009 kawasaki stx15f and i was wondering about the bypass on slow mode
  9. you seem like the man to talk to about Kawasaki's. I have an ultra 260 lx '09. that dies while at any speed WOT to idle, no dash lights, nothing. It seems like it is less frequent when cold, not warmed up. Dash may or may not come on with reinsertion of Immobilizer. I have been searching Greenhulk and have seen some similar posts but none with a clear resolution. It has around 30 hrs. I have taken most of the electric connectors apart and see no corrosion anywhere including battery. When key is inserted I feel the relay click and the fuel pump comes on. I also hear the buzz from the engine bay after non start. Any ideas? or threads with a resolution? Thanks in advance.
  10. 12 ultra just changed impeller before that it would run 30 mph top speed
    now it has got to 45 but is lacking power it has new plugs and oil the max rpms 6500 and revs kinda slow out of water but will reach past 7500 out of water please
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