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  1. Sorry i cant figure out the private message my ski is a 2009 kawasaki stx15f and i was wondering about the bypass on slow mode
  2. you seem like the man to talk to about Kawasaki's. I have an ultra 260 lx '09. that dies while at any speed WOT to idle, no dash lights, nothing. It seems like it is less frequent when cold, not warmed up. Dash may or may not come on with reinsertion of Immobilizer. I have been searching Greenhulk and have seen some similar posts but none with a clear resolution. It has around 30 hrs. I have taken most of the electric connectors apart and see no corrosion anywhere including battery. When key is inserted I feel the relay click and the fuel pump comes on. I also hear the buzz from the engine bay after non start. Any ideas? or threads with a resolution? Thanks in advance.
  3. 12 ultra just changed impeller before that it would run 30 mph top speed
    now it has got to 45 but is lacking power it has new plugs and oil the max rpms 6500 and revs kinda slow out of water but will reach past 7500 out of water please
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  5. Sean I’ve been hearing mixed responses to which serial number have faulty timing issues. My 06 stx 12f has one that ends in 32 have you heard any issues with this model ?
  6. Sean, I just posted a follow-up electrical issue for my 2004 stx-12f. Your insights are always valued. - cnoon
  7. Hey Sean, I just picked up a clean '03 12F and was you could tell me about flashing the ECM because of the ski running lean when it is hot. Can you expand on this for me?
  8. Hi Sean someone suggested today asking you to put up my videos as a Sticky is this possible? Thanks Rod

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    Dude how are you? LoONG time no talk
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    i have seen a couple of your posts and wonder if you help me with this question.
    I am rebuilding a 250 x engine and on opening it up found some surface rust on the exhaust valves which have caused pit marks. Also 2 of the valves were stuck open after removing cam shaft. I have been able to free these 2 valves but whats the verdict on corrosion on exhaust valves.
    This engine suffered a major oil lose, the relief vavle circlip came off, causing number 3 con rod to snap and go thru the case taking out number 4 barrel as well. I am using parts from another 07 250x and have already bore the hole for the vent adapter. Just need to get my head round what to do with cylinder head excuse the pun.
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