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  1. I already got you some beer, tostitos and salsa and you wasn't working on my POS. LMAO! Maybe go to your home today and pickup those registration numbers and see that fine piece of work you did with the nozzle. If you don't mine!
  2. Looks Good Bro,
    What good is going to make, if you don't put your shit in the water and ride.

    It's going to take more then a FANCY NOZZLE to catch "THE SHARK". You already told your other brothers about the nozzle install. I know they going to copy you! Please can you install one for me...................LMAO..........
  3. Go to this thread "replacement cups for groco strainers" in the Seadoo General Discussion............
  4. Hey Papa! You ready to keep working on Jose's POS.....................
  5. I'm trying to call your ass.......anwser the phone and stop writing shit in the threads. Let's take care of business. I want to have everything setup this evening...........give me a phone call....
  6. Hey Bro! get a life or you don't sleep at all!
  7. One of our guys came home with a third place on the speed alley.

    I finish RUNNER UP.......That is SECOND PLACE.........
  8. Well Bro, you almost going home.............I still have 3 hours to go. If you get a real job you wont be bored just hang tie.
  9. Im freaking bored out of my mind......
  10. Thanks KC,
    Old Mods: X-Sc with upgrade wheel and front housing, Gen II IC, 50lbs injectors, RRFPR set at 53psi, 4" Air Intake, Jim's plate Mod. Top Grate, Reduction Nozzle 83mm ring, 15/22 impeller. RPM's 8100-8120, Top Speed 74.6 Max Boost 12.0-12.5 This was recorded at the Florida Key's.

    New Mods: X Mini Rude, Ross Throttle Body Mod. Turbo Tech BOV, 42's RRFPR set at 60psi.
    On Sunday morning at the lake: First run warm up the ski midrange 7920-7982rpm's running very good boost at 10.0-11.0 Top speed 70.8. went full throttle saw rpm's way high 8150-8160 speed 72.9 back off on the throttle. Had 83mm ring install. Went back to ramp replace ring with 82mm. Went out midrange still very good 7920-7980rpms Boost at 11.0-12.0 speed 71.3 went to full throttle the ski started to bogging down from 7980 to 5800. It was like the SC was not engaging at full throttle. From there on you know the rest. KC again thank you for your help!

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