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  1. Yo, of all the Gay people in Seattle Washington.....It has to be YOU Nils says you give Swedish massages how much for half an hour and do I have to hide my dick in my asshole, just to be safe lov ya brother, hope your still fuckin alive Jammer 1
  2. JammSkillet. After all this time I only have 2 words for you. LICK BALLS!!!
  3. After all this years......your still a fag like Nils and snonman ......he he he he ......
  4. <-------- missed me FAG -------------
  5. Stop putting pictures of me in your wallet, YOU FAG !
  6. It appears that is what you are about to do.
  7. Go Fu@K yourself
  8. Hey, Giz Guzzler! Somebody is making fun of you in the BS thread.
  9. Yo Bro, Mr Viking Somebody's making fun of you at the BS Thread
  10. you went to work at the Gay strip Bar again Dude, you really need to get a bigger dick or a real job
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