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  1. Call me! I sent you a PM on here about the pads, but still haven't heard from you. They're in stock and ready to ship; I don't have your phone number.
  2. Hey man, I will be getting in touch with you sometime this week about some ceramic Hawk pads.. Need some fresh pads before my trip to the Tail of the Dragon with the .:R32 crew on the vortex.
  3. I was racing my BMP .:R32 on black OZ superleggras..
  4. What kind of car were you racing?
  5. AA man i shoulda stopped by..Ye man and i was racing for a bit as well.. That was a sweet event..
  6. Hey were you at VW Fixxfest 5 in Bradenton? I noticed your shops tent when i was driving out in the afternoon.
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