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  1. I will let you know when I am in OC, if you head to the upper bay let me know.

  2. There are a lot of free,clean, and convenient launches in ocm. Lot of good riding. Some times my group rides up to Delaware or down to Virginia. Let me know if u head down my way
  3. I go out from Flying Point Park in Edgewood, and head to, kent narrows, Fairlee creek or Chesapeake city. I have a small group of friends that like to ride in open water rather than staying near the park with the other idiots, that are afraid to ride in the bay. I have been in the northeast river around Havre De Grace a few times, the flats of the Susquehanna are sandy with a lot of seaweed so I avoid the area... My group has gone from Edgewood to cape may NJ and back, want to go to OC but it has been a long time since I rode there, my boss used to own the OC Fishing center and I could launch and store my ski there.
  4. How is the riding in upper Chesapeake ? I do a lot of riding in ocean city md. Let me know if u ever get down that way. Congrats on ur new purchase. My buddy has a place called north east supposedly not far from u. I'm gonna go hit it up soon
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