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  1. i dont run les 9200 i still run a riva ecu .you need 80# for that ecu..jason runs one..
  2. Hello ! I see your signature have use lc 9200 ECU , what size injector kit your use ??? Becoz I use 60lb or 72lb on idle rpm AFR was run lean !!!!! What base fuel pressure your set ???
  3. i could send you my map if i can figure out how to ...but most likely it wont work,,,because.. i have a ported head rotax cam..different exhaust ..60 mm throddle body bigger intercooler.. intercooler different intake .ect ect than you do..let me look at my map tomarrow and ill give you some starting numbers..
  4. hi breon ,
    can u send you rude 3 fuel map for me and how many fuel preesure u setting on you skis ?

    thomas loh
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