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  1. If you can find that prop in your garage, do you want to swap some parts? I'm still have a midshaft and trim cables? I have Friday off but will be on house lockdown for most of the day and then on Sat I'm planning to head to Fiesta with both skis. I'm hoping most PWC traffic will be slow on the island because of the thunderboats.
  2. You wouldn't happen to be sitting on a stock pile of props, would you? Something in the 14/21 range?
  3. I think your cell battery died. LOL search "03 gp 1300r" on cl if you are curious.

    Edit: Both sold...
  4. No prob. Baby on the way in 2 weeks, so I've been crazy stressed/busy! I can probably swing by your place on my way home from work on Monday or Tuesday at around 3. Would that work ok for you? If you're not home I can leave them in them in the mail box? let me know. Thanks!
  5. joe, i need those tools back
  6. I wish that I could have made it work to go. Wish in one hand, and Sh.. in the other. One always fills faster...One day before I get too old...
  7. Would you mind if I came by this weekend to grab your locking tools? Will you be around? Thanks,
    Joe 619.203.3554
  8. awsome
  9. How was the trip?
  10. Are you going out riding this wekend? Thunder Boats on the Bay? Where do you usually ride? Big bay, mission bay, or surf?
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