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  1. HiGord. How are you doing? Are you healing up?
  2. where the new pic of thr gprxp
  3. Hi Gord. I put my ski to bed for winter last night. Are you happy now?
  4. Hi Gord. Is it in the water yet?
  5. Hi jim it should be running by sat. just going to take it slow for 1/2 hour then hamer down
  6. Hi Gord. How's the new project comming?
  7. Hi jim how the ski running. I'm picking up the to me GPRXP can you say 90 to 95 mph I should have it running in 2 to 3 weeks
  8. Hi Gord. Get any good HP this weekend? I ran this ski Friday night and ran 73 ish @ 7760 rpm. I put you venturi on and got the exact same rpm and speed. I measured the venturi I got from Jerry and it's not an 81mm but an 82.5. I am a little pissed that he would see me this as an 81mm. So anyway there was no difference between the 2. I ran Saturday and could only get 7900 rpm and 74.2 mph. I ran early this morning and hit 8040rpm and 75.7mph. The rest of the day I was 7900 or so rpm and around 73/74 mph. What would you do at this point? I think when the ski warms up I lose 100rpm or so from a cold start. Would this be right? So even though I ran over 8000 this morning I would think 7900 is more realistic?
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