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  1. been going to Famuos Daves for BBQ, but we'll go anywhere.
  2. Good idea! You guys still go up every week??
  3. sweet bike, now you need to ride it up to hooters to show us!
  4. New toy, I'm riding a new Victory Cross Country
  5. I really like the 09' and 10 Harley Electra Glides, stiffer frame and wide rear tire make a big difference in the handling. I'm also captivated by the new Victory Cross Country, sweet bike.
  6. We'll see how this winter goes. Might buy back my old Honda Shadow. Talked to the guy who has it today to see if he'd part with it! It was a great bike.
  7. Hey would be great to have someone to ride with when I get one! I want the Electra Glide Classic, rented one in Arizona and flat out loved it, was very comfortable for the wife too. Ya as far as ski's go, tired of investing big $$$ and having nothing but headaches, hard work, blown motors and no time to ride or ski not running when you can ride.
  8. Ski is running great, but I know what you mean about the modding thing. Its costs too much and its too much of a headache. Been looking at Harleys too, love to get me a Dyna Wide Glide.
  9. Probably not m8, too much dinero and frankly I'm bored with the whole modding thing. I'd rather have a Harley I can take trips on. Hope yours is running well and life is good!
  10. Steve, you ever going to get a ski or what?
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