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  1. hey Chris Merry Christmas to you and your cool family! Oh yeah, bought a '13 rxpx 260 new so you know what that means. I'm gonna build right her to the rulebook limit for stock class. It's on next year. hope to see ya next year chief!
  2. Hey great seeing you and the family in Colonial Beach. Even though I had a crappy weekend racewise, I wouldn't trade the priceless memories for anything!
  3. oh yeah june 4th and 5th did you go ? I just got my head on today blown head gasket etc
  4. not sure on date i know they changed it
  5. yo going to myrtly beach sc >>>
  6. ok il retype it wow it just disapeared anyway thanks for the compliments man , how are you ? yeah wee had some great racing going on in that beginner class I look forward to racing again nxt race myrtle in may , I just had a 09 rxp x for 7500 with trailer and all stuff with it was gone in 2 days , oh well im not sure wht im going to do funds are tight , you want to buy a condo in OC md ?
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