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  1. Oh yeah im ready... plan on trying it out this weekend.
  2. I wish. Getting there. I just installed a new trailer hitch and wiring on the new vehicle today! I might be getting it either this weekend or the next. I take it yer ready?!
  3. eh buddy get that ski in the water yet.....
  4. I think so. It really depends on a few things, but the main things are; A) Can I afford it? and B) Can Shaunyboy and I find a two place trailer? We're not going with singles... it's too far... of a drive. It takes about 7 hours approximately to get to London from here. So, to drive to MB from London... It'd be another 12 hours I'm guessing from London... We both really would like to... I know ShaunyBoy is moddin his ski a lot this winter and I'm sure he'd like to show it off a bit at MB
  5. ya next year for sure well need to do an ontario group ride. i plan on making the trip to mudbug your plannin to go?
  6. I can't believe we didn't get a chance to ride with each other this year... maybe next?
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