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  1. I meant to send you a pm not a visitor's message sorry. Stock class is like 8300rpm and the engine stays stock. Im not sure I want to rev my stock engine past where it was intended from the factory but it seems like a good bang for the buck if I decide to do it. I thought it was somewhere between 300-500.
  2. depending on dollar value its 600 USA if your sticking with SC's i recommend it... especially if you have the rrfpr.... his programming isnt precise, so odds are you might need the reg to adjust a tad.. mine is going back.. he is basically going to double the output values for mapping for a turbo... he was wayy off.. good luck...
  3. I was thinking of sending my ecu to les cooke in the off season and having it reprogrammed for stock class. What are your thoughts? What was the cost? PM me, lmk.
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