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  1. I was thinking about it KC. $$$ is really tight right now so the 22mph + wind that is in the forecast will be the deciding factor. 48miles time two is a long way in the chop. I like to think of myself as a die hard, but I've been getting beat up with the $$$ situation.
  2. Dave are you riding with us Sunday?
  3. KC, We need to load a truck with some gas, leave it in St Marys so some of us can refuel with 93 instead of that 87 Marina fuel.
  4. KC, I sent a bad tracking number for the boost leak tool. Try this one.
  5. Doels number is 9046260871
  6. KC, I left my phone at home again. Do you have Doel's cell #.
  7. Its ok dave just call me when you have time
  8. KC, I apologize for not calling. I have a little time now if your not too busy.
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