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  1. Hey no worries, I have been busy too.. Congrats on the little one, I am sure you will have your hands full for a while! I look forward to seeing what you put together, that was a great ride and you there was probably a ton of good footage. All is well with us, just waiting for spring. I have my machine up for sale, I bought a Harley and don't have time for both toys. Let me know if you know of anyone interested in hitting the water and needs a Seadoo! Its listed online both Kijiji and the Trader. I have a monthly payment option too if someone is trying to keep it reasonable to get out on the water. I will keep an eye out for your video! Cheers take care!
  2. Hey dude, Sorry for the long delay for a reply. My wife and I had our first child and I pretty much put everything on hold for a bit. I started working on the videos this weekend. We should have something rolled out next weekend. I'll send you a message when we have something finished!

    Hope all is well with you your fiancee! Are you two married yet?

    Keep in touch! I'd love to go riding with you this year!
  3. How are the Ride for Dad videos coming along?
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