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  1. 92?dime bro
  2. we didnt see numbers on the moco but the black one was catching up cuco beter start uping the boost lol
  3. get to work bro and get off greenhulk and the air hockey !!!
  4. the cable comes today :/
  5. just got bak today loca que bola oye the shop was closed i couldnt get the pump
  6. ay que darte espuela paque tu funcione lmao
  7. oye im back 5 is no problem ur gonna leave early from work?
  8. im on the plane back now we abt to leave i should arrive between 12 to 1
  9. they open friday
  10. yoooooo the battery died last nifght when i finished building it but call me upi got somw ?????????
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