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  1. i should have specified... 24 skater, LOL ... now that's in budget

    few of them around i'm looking at with twin 200s or twin 225x motors... run over 100mph in the upper 20s low 30s depending how clean they are

    anything bigger than a 24 skater you are talking a mortgage, haha

    30 foot super boats seem to be around 60k, not many of them around for sale tho
  2. Haha yea skaters seem more out of the budget then a superboat lol. Skaters are amazing boats. got a guy up the street that owns a 36ft skater. Man its seems like half the money goes into the gel-coat of skaters, there beautiful good luck on getting one.
  3. they are great boats! They are actually made not to far from where i live right here on long island is the factory. Superboats are a pretty big thing here in the area. the Y2K is awesome. it's incredible how well they handle the rough water and how fast they go with one monster powerplant. if they were within budget, i'd own one no doubt... i'm actually trying to sell mine right now and going to buy a skater instead... little better rough water ability than my 24' superboat and a good 30mph faster helps too!! haha
  4. I saw your avatar, buddy of mine owns a Superboat Y2K w/801hp n/a bored 572 to 6 something. The boat handles the rough amazing for its size, fast too, all around awesome boat. Supposedly when he got it, it was 1 of 2 on the west coast.
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