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  1. Ohh Gowd Oye
  2. yoo :P
    omg i totally forgot about greenhulk lmao
    i just remembered to come on to rah

  3. lol i in EDPM lata bro!
  4. lol yea man soon man lol
    waiting see how the bills go but gotta get the 15f sold first man lol

    shirene was here:P
    love yahh brandyy

    i wanna be cool like you branddyy;(
  5. level! lol
    wa ya say hulk so come
  6. lol just cool nah!
  7. yoo wa u doin on greenhulk in school
  8. yo branneh
    wa i tell ya lydz finally gotz her 'greenhulk' account boyy lol
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