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  1. Ok cool. Yeah I was looking at doing the vtech as well. I have a bunch of guys that ride rxpx's and I told them I'd buy one and they could use it. But yeah maybe I will give you a ring one day to use that thing. And yes I have the R&D grate as well
  2. Are you still running the Solas 12.5/21 with the SB mod. I had my prop trashed this weekend by my pop. He ran it into a sand bar and sucked up some nasty sized rocks. I've sent the pics up to Eric at SpeedFreeks to see if he can fix it. But I wasn't very sure about the pitch. I'm also running the same pitch but don't think my spead or rpms are where they should be. I still have the stock ECM tune and was turning around 7900 rpm and 74 on perfect conditions usually around 72.
    Thanks for any info homie
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