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  1. What is up Dick boy!!!
  2. That is because every one wants to see what a Retard looks like!!!!!! Ya HOMO
  3. Where is the Pole smokin wammer 1!!!!!!
  4. Hay!!! Where you at shit box
  5. Bend over RUDE Bitch, My Boy Trump will take care of you
  6. Ohhhhh Dickboy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What are you doing fag!!!! Hillary wants your vote!!!
  7. Excuse me sir RUDE....I would like to dispose some recycle dinner in this area. where would you suggest I empty my stomach through my asshole and dump this $ 100.00 dinner I had last night. It comes with 4 quarts of liquid of alcohol content, butt comes out of a different hole, which is about 12 inch awake and at times measured at 6 inches sleeping. Thanks in advance..........Jammer 1 <-------
  8. Move to your right, 2 clicks down to Reids thread I just took a Dump there BTW, somebody's looking for you somebody like a legend here with a number 1 on the end of his call sign
  9. Where can I take a shit in here
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