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  1. Hi Jeff, it sounds like a very common issue. These skis were known to have the coil wires back out of the plug caps. Unscrew the caps off of the leads, snip off about a 1/4 of an inch from the leads and re-screw the caps back on. Then get a good zip tie for each and really lock them on there. I had this happen to my old ski and the lead backed out enough that I lost the use of one cylinder. The sputtering sounds like that's what happened with yours.
  2. Hi - you were so helpful to me a few weeks ago about mods to my 650. I'm wondering if I could ask your help on a starting issue I'm having:

    I was out riding and the engine just sputtered out, almost like it was out of gas. Got it home, gas was good, checked the spark and didn't see any (although it was hard to see during daylight). Put new plugs in, it started out of the water (although it took a very long time to start), but didn't want to stay running. I didn't put it in the water that night, but did the next day and it did not want to start at all. It will sputter like it might start, but won't.

    I'm not sure if it's something electrical (igniter going bad) or something where it's not getting enough fuel to run.....I'm really not sure what things to rule out first.

    Any help you may have would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!

    Thanks - Jeff
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