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  1. go to work sucka
  2. Happy New Years my brother!
  3. How are you felling bro?
  4. Tell Lucy, we are'nt buying the whole "I GOT THROWN OVER THE HANDLE BARS OF A JET-SKI" story! We know she busted you in the eye!!!
  5. I thought you were UGLY before, but daaaaaaaaaaaaang!!!!
  6. Your 2 grapes short of being a fruit salad!!!
  7. I have nothing to race, unless you give me the "c" kitty and the rising rate reg~!!!!!! MAUAHAHAHAHAH
  8. His shoulder is fine, hes just an attention whore!!!!
  9. Good thing you are at a wedding this weekend, I'd hate to hurt your feelings!!! MUAHAHAHAHHAH
  10. I got the TOP SECRET SUPER CHARGER installed today!!! SHHHHHHH
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