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  1. yes not often sent you a message
  2. Hey Xdrian,
    Not a lot going on in the forum anymore. Kind of sucks.
  3. try this link for manual check out steering chapter
  4. Yes I will bro. I work late so it might be tomorrow.
  5. Hi Ramps

    can I ask a favour ??
    could you take a photo at the back of the ski looking down at the nozzle and tell me to the back edge of ski How much does the nozzle stick out passed the back edge.


  6. Hey xdrian,
    Not a back flip but like in youravatar doing a 180 degree rotation, but going for a full circle or 360 degree turn in the air.....
  7. Hi Ramps
    a 360 you mean a back flip No I have seen a two videos of it been done.
    Not for me Im will try a barrow roll when I can working on that.
    From what I have hear you would need foot strap to hole you in upside down to stop you falling off and they had a lot of mods done like a quick like a VTS to change angle of thrust.

    I see if I can fine a link I like walking to much to try that if goes wrong something going to break.
    Yes you would have to commit 100% to pull it off
    Regards Xdrian
  8. Hey xdrian,
    I have a buddy that resides in Australia, I met him several months ago due to a work related project, he works for Evoqua, they are in water treatment industry. Have you landed a 360 on a spark? I am asking because a friend of mine at the local seadoo dealer is a pro rider (stand up) he told me absolutely you can land a 360 on a spark and he walked me through what to do but said you will not land it unless you commit... Approach for maneuver is like an "S" and then you nail it!!!!
    Hope you have been well... Just thought I would touch base with you!!!! Check out my latest posts, I included some videos......
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