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  1. You have my paypal!!! send me the money!
  2. Sorry James I don't have any left.
  3. Lee- Do you have any of those little caps that cover the fuel shut off opening on a 1300? I need 2 of them.. LMK
  4. yep just got off the phone with him sending in a pm
  5. Can you PM me coco's number? Is he around?
  6. It went out today! Mark is sending you all the info should be in your area in 2 days Think he said fourty was the cost? Lee
  7. You dont have to go too far out of your way. You have my # still? You get insurance up to $300 with it so Im sure the other one is fine. Dont drive across FL on my account.
  8. ready to roll! Working on a local Greyhound stop! The one I found was way shady going to go to a larger station. Lee
  9. How you guys makin out with that seat?
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