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  1. One of my cylinders was 30lbs lower than the other two, so I took the head off and realized that the valves & the head gasket were leaking.
  2. hey cliff, I believe you did a leak down test and possibly a compression test recently, what were your compression findings
  3. All good, the ole wait till next year phrase, we've all used that one before! Saw you hating on my boy Tebow, what a blessing having him, while we did!
  4. No i belive you but its going to be a different ball game next year
  5. 6 beatings in a row BABY!!! I was at the last game , want me to send a pic of the ticket stub to you?
  6. FSU Baby
  7. Hey Cliff I realize that your a Gator hater but I cant remember who your team was, can you refresh my memory?
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